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  1. Howdy, saw your post on your Starliner….. we are in process of rehabbing a 1972 Starliner, (had the hardest time figuring out what model we had) your posting sure helped us with that…. We bought ours in Redding, CA approx. 3 years ago and am just now finalizing some of the problems we found….
    Seems that there are several floorplans for the same model and again, we haven’t found one exactly like ours but yours comes the closest…..

    We are located about 80 miles S/E of Reno, NV….
    Gordy and Shelley

    1. Hi there –
      That’s awesome. We have a sign on the side of our trailer that says “Aristocrat Starliner” so that is how we were able to tell what model it was; but other than that we cannot find anything about this model either. We’ve searched and searched for information, original manuals etc.. and have came up empty handed. Would love to see pictures of yours. We’re in Portland Oregon so not too far from you.
      Keep in touch and we’ll continue to update our blog with the remodel. Our goal is to have it ready by our annual 4th of July camping trip this year (or sooner of course).

      Chris and Amber

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