3 thoughts on “She’s All Original”

  1. We recently bought a ’71 Aristocrat Starliner, unfortunately ours isn’t in nearly as good of shape as yours. I love to see everything original! I do have a question for you. Underneath your refridgerator is a vent. I am curious to know what is behind that vent? We got the camper with that entire space empty but we have a vent hole just above the wheel and are so curious to know what was once there.

    1. Hey Kayleigh!
      On our trailer there was a very old Coleman heater underneath the fridge. I am not sure if it was original or not but it seemed to fit perfectly between the fridge and the wheel well. To the right of that and underneath the stove was a water heater/tank. We would love to see photos of your trailer so if you have any please share!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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