Rebuilding the Hub Assembly

After our trip to Yellowstone a few years ago where we broke down in the middle of the park because our wheel bearings were bad on the trailer we rented I decided it would be a good idea to rebuild the hub assembly on the Aristocrat Starliner. I was originally just going to purchase and entire new axle with a builtin hub, brakes and new leaf springs but finding an axle that was the right size was nearly impossible.  I also noticed that the leaf springs that came with our trailer are pretty beefy and decided to just keep it as is for now.

Instead, I settled for rebuilding the hub assembly with new bearings, racers and grease seals.  With no experience doing this I watched a few videos on youtube and then headed outside and yanked the tired off the trailer and then removed the hub assemble.  To get the hub assemble off you actually have to remove the dust cap on the outside of the axle which will expose the castle nut that is held in place by a cotter pin.  Pull the pin and then remove the castle nut.  Once that is off the hub should just slide right off but be careful as there is a big washer under that castle nut and you exterior bearing will likely fall right out.

The exterior bearing is a Timken M12649  which is incredibly easy to find on Amazon. It does not come in a set though and requires some searching for the racer that goes with the bearing.  After doing some research and being sold the wrong part by Six Robblees I finally found the race model:  M12610.  You can find the specs for both parts on the Timken Site here:

The inner bearing is also a Timken however is a different model – it is a Timken LM48548.  The race for his bearing is a Timken LM48510 and you can find specs for both parts here: I was able to find both Timken Bearins and both Timken Racers with a brief phone call to Napa Auto parts.

In an interesting find I realized that the grease seals on each hub were different. Someone must have replaced one of them so I am not sure which is the “true” original. On of the hubs I found a seal that was stamped with a “2M – HADCO – 3077 ” label on it.  Apparently these are incredibly hard to find.  I could not find anything online about this except for a blog post someone else with an old Aristocrat (not a Starliner) had written about.  She suggested getting in touch with Six Robblees which is a store that specializes in trailer parts.  I went there and they had to special order the seals from the store in Oakland.  The seals they sent are labeled part number: AE2592N and I really cannot find anywhere online where you can buy these.  I ordered three so I would have a backup. The other hub had a Seal that was stamped with a “National – 442251 – S60” on it. I found these ones on Amazon here: National Oil Seals on Amazon.


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