DIY Trailer Seat Cushions

I wanted to remake our trailers seat/bed cushions. I loosely followed some DIY step by step instruction blogs on how to make trailer cushions. Here’s what I did.

Supplies: 3 thin peg board 4×8 pieces from The Home Depot ($15/piece); seat cushion foam and upholstery fabric of your choosing (details on previous blog post), measuring tape, scissors, staple gun, 1/4″ heavy duty staples.

I measured and measured again the inside of the trailer area and the original seat cushions. I only wanted to cut once since foam and fabric are so expensive.

My husband took a skill saw and cut my measured out sizes I had marked off on the peg board. The edges don’t have to be perfectly straight it’s only for the base and structure of the cushion.


Measuring original cushions. Making the pin board to cut with a skill saw.
Measuring original cushions. Making the peg board to cut with a skill saw.

Once the boards were cut, I laid the board out on the foam and used a black marker to mark my cut lines.


Use your preferred cutting device. For my first cushion I used scissors which worked OK but I think I’m going to use a serrated knife or electric turkey carver for the rest (which is the common think used per the blogs I read). The edge of the foam is going to get a little choppy but that’s OK. The fabric covers it right up.

making cusions


Next I laid the fabric down on the floor, then the foam, then the support board. Pulled the fabric taut with my husbands help and stapled away. I folded the fabric edges like a present.

And Voilà! DIY seat cushions for your trailer!

2 thoughts on “DIY Trailer Seat Cushions”

  1. Hi!
    I just bought a 1971 Starliner last week. All original, it is a twin to your trailer. The fabric for the large sofa area is missing and I was wondering if you still had yours? I have the original cushions for the table booth seat area and I would love the matching for the sofa, I will buy it from you if you gotten and willing to part with them.

    1. Hi Martina,
      We got rid of the old cushions along with the fabric. They were covered in mold and had to be trashed. I would love to see photos of your trailer, there doesn’t seem to be many Starliners or information on them out there!

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