Back that Trailer Up

Not only was this the first time Chris has backed anything up our steep driveway; it was the first time he’s really ever backed any sort of trailer up anything. He rocked it! I directed traffic that early Saturday morning and he pulled her in. She didn’t scrape and fit right in her spot where we’ll be working on her through out the winter months.

We Bought a Trailer

Hello World,

Welcome to our blog about renovating a 1971 retro Aristocrat Starliner trailer. My husband and I have talked for a few years about buying a vintage trailer and renovating it. We finally wanted to make this dream a reality so we took the plunge and bought one! It took many tries to finally snag one up (since renovating vintage trailers in Portland is a trendy thing to do). We found ours in The Dalles Oregon for $1,800. We can’t find much information on this particular model, so we’re figuring it out as we go. Chris is very handy and I’m a self proclaimed DIYer and love to decorate. This should be interesting.